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Our Leadership

Nellie Health is led by a team of clinical experts who develop and teach leading science-based treatments for stress and trauma. This means that the care that you receive at Nellie Health is developed and overseen by the best.

Our Story

Our team of mental health experts founded Nellie Health to make treatment less stigmatized, more transparent, and more quality focused. Our name is inspired by the story of Nellie Bly, who disrupted the state of mental healthcare in the 1800s. We aim to empower clients to better understand their problems, the types of therapy available, and the expertise of their provider.

Our team is on the cutting edge of creating and teaching treatments that work for clients. Our team includes technical and design expertise that has led to a concierge-level platform and artificial intelligence that facilitates exceptional care.

We are at the forefront of a revolution to increase the value of care for everyone who is touched by mental health challenges. We hope we can be with you on your mental health journey.

Committed to Quality

Nellie Health providers have a proven track record of delivering quality mental health services based on research. Clients are suffering for too long on waitlists for high-quality treatments or receiving treatments that don't result in improvement.

At Nellie Health, we are invested in ensuring that clients get access to the best possible care, when they need it most.

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Meet the Leadership Team

Candice Monson

Dr. Candice Monson

CEO & Founder

Carson Pun

Carson Pun

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Ariella Lenton-Brym

Dr. Ariella Lenton-Brym

PhD, C. Psych.

Chief Operating Officer

Skye Fitzpatrick

Dr. Skye Fitzpatrick

PhD, C. Psych.

Director of Content Development

Karen Sigler Naegele

Dr. Karen Sigler Naegele

Director of Business Development

Janice Kuo

Dr. Janice Kuo

Director of Training and Provider Community

Shelley Vaz

Shelley Vaz

Director of Design

Brandi Luedtke

Dr. Brandi Luedtke


Clinical Operations and Research

Don Proctor

Don Proctor

Business Operations

Tasoula Masina

Tasoula Masina

Executive Assistant


Andy Yang

Andy Yang


Paula Schnurr

Dr. Paula Schnurr

Scientific Advisor

Vigen Nazarian

Vigen Nazarian